Inclusion, Equity and Diversity

You Belong at Life Time
At Life Time, we are committed to inspiring healthy, happy lives for everyone in our communities. We embrace our responsibility to create healthy environments and workspaces that honor and champion all by upholding an unwavering commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity. We recognize, empower and celebrate the unique talents, backgrounds and perspectives of all individuals so everyone always feels welcomed, respected, supported and valued.

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Inclusion at
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These four pillars support inclusion and career
development for team members at Life Time

Culture of Inclusion


Closing the


Mentor and Coach


Expand the Community

I. Culture of Inclusion
Learning and Development
Building on the organizational cornerstones, Life Time offers learning and development programming that supports our team members personal journey toward becoming a more inclusive leader - because at Life Time, we're all leaders. We know diverse teams are more creative, more effective and more successful, and creating safe and respectful spaces to everyone feels valued helps our team thrive. 
II. Closing the Gap
Recruiting and Casting
We focus on identifying and developing leaders who want to leverage the unique skills of our diverse team members from across the United States and Canada. We know that representation matters at every level, so we are continuously refining our programs, policies and procedures to support high-performing leaders throughout the organization in hiring and advancement until we reflect our broad and diverse Life Time community.  
III. Mentor and Coach
Inclusive Team Member Development
All Life Time leaders encourage team members in career mapping, goal-setting and professional planning to promote career development. Team members can partner with our trainers, connect with colleagues and have access to coaching through our exclusive LT Mind program. We are dedicated to supporting the well-being of all our team members while they seek to achieve their professional and personal development goals.  
IV. Expand the Community
Strategic Relationships
Life Time team members come from such diverse backgrounds and we want to ensure that we develop organizational, affinity and community relationships to help us grow and learn as a company, while also connecting our brand to future leaders and underserved communities.  

Inclusion at Life Time

Empowering our team members in a respectful community
of individuals who are genuinely interested in one another's
success and know our strength comes from
trust and care for our colleagues.

Hear From Our Inclusion Council

The Inclusion Council's mission is aimed at continuously renewing our
community where any individual or group can be and feel welcomed,
respected, supported and valued to fully participate.
Women in Leadership
​​​​​​​at Life Time
Finding Support in
Women of Color
​​​​​​​at Life Time

Finding Support in

Life Time's Inclusion Council is comprised of 20 core members and
300-plus ambassadors representing each one of our locations
that meet weekly and monthly within the larger group
and committees to identify blind spots and areas for growth to
empower women, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and LGBTQIA+
to ensure all voices are heard and represented equally.

12 Committees

to Empower and Execute on Our Mission
Learning and Development
To future-proof our business and team by understanding biases and providing sustainable education to promote cultural competencies ensuring an inclusive and diverse workplace and environment.
Public Affairs and Relations
Enrich personal and professional commitment to equity, equal opportunity and belonging for all Life Time team members led by our executive leadership team. 
Social Media and Digital Marketing
To amplify our company's core values around inclusion via social-media channels, website, email and internal communications to deliver brand transparency and show support for our communities so that Life Time becomes a place where everyone knows where the company stands and feels empowered to participate fully. 
National Community Relations
Develop and execute a strategy that actively works to reverse the trend of health and fitness disparities by partnering with negatively impacted communities and organizations that have experience and expertise serving those who have historically been negatively impacted. 
Executive Relations and Development
To Enrich personal and professional commitment to equity, equal opportunity and belonging for all Life Time team members led by our Executive Leadership Team. 
National Partner Development
Seek local and national development partnerships with like-minded schools, universities, HBCUs, nonprofits and for-profit companies with a proven track record of having a positive impact in an inclusive workspace across all social and economic barriers. 
IC Member Directors
Deliver and uphold the ultimate efforts to education, guide and ensure representation through diversity, equality and inclusion. 
Internal Communications
Provide team members resources that explain how racism and prejudice hinder a world in which we aim to create equality and compassion for all, and encourage conceptual thinking to help team members tie our mission of Healthy Way of Life to social and community health.
Member Engagement and Experience
To provide a culture of care through an inclusive and diverse environment that champions all members and guests to feel welcomed and empowered to live a healthy life. 
Stakeholder Administration
Supports the Inclusion Council with administrative tasks. 
Team Member Lifecycle and Development
To help members of underrepresented groups reach their career goals at Life Time through curriculum, learning and mentorship.
Corporate and Internal Business Liaison Officer
To Create alignment and transparency between inclusion council and division leaders to maximize the spreading of our mission and messaging throughout the organization. 
slide 12 of 12 Corporate and Internal Business Liason Officer To Create alignment and transparency between inclusion council and division leaders to maximize the spreading of our mission and messaging throughout the organization. 

Life Time Military

Supporting Your Service
You enlisted in the military because you are mission-driven at heart. You are a changemaker. So are we. As a Life Time Team Member, You'll make a real difference in people's lives on a daily basis.
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Life Time believes that the benefits of health, fitness and wellness are for everyone.
We are committed to making sure all voices are heard at our company
so we can best serve our members, our communities and support
our team members in their career path.
Inclusion, Equity and Diversity

You Belong
at Life Time