Life Time yoga instructor teaching her class at a Life Time studio.



Many of our in club teams are at the forefront of our members, while others work behind the scenes to create exceptional health and fitness experiences for each member and team member. We have endless opportunities for your passions, skillsets and goals.


You are fueled by seeing others thrive and achieve milestones

We offer several career paths to fuel your inner coach and be the energy in our clubs. Whether you are a personal trainer, customizing workout plans or a swim instructor teaching a child how to swim or a Tennis Pro instructing how to change up your serve or a Chiropractor seeing a patient reach milestones, each path you'll help people achieve things they never thought were possible.

Positions include: Personal Training and Pilates | Swim and Aquatics | Sports, Racquet and Recreation | 


You are a creative, innovative thinker or artistic

There are many avenues to foster your creativity. Our LifeSpa artists are challenged with a new vision and outcome with each client. In our LifeCafe, our team members get creative in the kitchen playing around with recipes and make your variations of our menu.

Positions include: Salon and Spa | Cafe and Restaurant


You were born to connect with others and grow lasting relationships

Our Membership Concierge's are the face of our destinations. As the acting ambassador of our lifestyle brand, you will influence members' and team members' exceptional experience within the club. Driven to serve and delight, you will be a friend to all, confidant with recommendations on classes, products and café meals.

Positions include: Membership Concierge


You are detail oriented and organized

Our quality keepers are the backbone of our athletic country clubs. We believe in creating exceptional health and wellness experiences. Our quality keepers, Facility Operations and Club Leadership, ensure that our clubs are running smoothly and up to the highest quality in every department and space of our club.

Positions include: Facility Operations | Club Management


You are energetic with a motivational personality

We offer two career paths to feed your passion for seeing others grow and achieve their goals. As an instructor, you offer memorable, motivating experiences and workouts to help members and team members achieve fitness goals. As a Kids Team Member, you will provide an uplifting, creative and educational atmosphere for children to learn. In both paths, you are a cheerleader and artist of your craft.

Positions include: Group Fitness, Cycle and Yoga | Kids Activities and Camp

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