NASM and Life Time Training

Life Time is proud to be an exclusive partner of NASM! On this page you will find comprehensive information about Life Time Training career opportunities, career pathing, continuing education and more.

Maximize Your Potential

Work with us and you'll not only help your clients live their best life, but you'll live yours too. Surround
yourself with passion as you reinvent what it means to be a Personal Trainer, in a way only the Healthy
Way of Life Company will do.

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​​​​​​​The Story of Life Time

It all started when a 17-year-old kid left his home in
Tehran. The kid washed dishes at a restaurant, cleaned
machines at a gym and learned to speak English at the
same time. This kid, with his passion for health, grew into
an entrepreneur with a vision. Today Life Time is a 
Healthy Way of Life destination, where people come
together, goals are reached and lives transformed.

The Best of Both Worlds

Not only do you have the best place, with the finest training floor, equipment, tools and amenities,
you've now got the best digital platform too.


Welcome Home

There's the magnificent physical space; floors full of state-of-the-art equipment, tennis courts, 5-star locker rooms, saunas, steam rooms and pools. There are programs, classes, that are now on the new
digital platform too. 

Join The Team

Personal / Digital / Group

"I'd heard Life Time was the best place for a career path and growth. I am proof of that. Not only have I grown as a trainer, but as a member of our Inclusion Council, I've expanded as a person, too."

David Freeman
National Alpha Program Leader, Inclusion Council Member
Level 1
Nationally Certified and
educated in exercise, nutrition, 
sleep and recovery. Help your
clients increase strength,
improve conditioning and reach their goals.
Level 2
Specialized, with additional
certifications to create more
specific personalized
Level 3
​​​​​​​Highly educated, skilled and
tenured, you can solve any
problems to get the best

Continuing Education

Internal Certifications take you to the next level, including
small group, Virtual Training and Nutrition Coaches.

Exclusive discounts on partnerships with NCCA
accredited certifications.

Certification Reimbursement Plan

Skill Development Workshops

Meet the Team

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"It's all about relationships. I love seeing my client's success, in more than fitness, but in all facets of health"
Anna T.
"Being a part of the growth of this company and the impact it has is my dream job. I travel to our new club openings to help train new team members, making sure they have the knowledge, skills and ability to confidently bring the amazing experience of Life Time to life"
Julie B.
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"I love the ability to grow within the company and have enjoyed all the roles I've had over the years. Life Time gives me the ability to impact the community of members on a large level in a positive atmosphere." 
Chris D.
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"New technology has changed the way we are able to track our clients' progress. It has been a great way to connect even further with my clients and has given us a fun way to hold each other accountable to our healthy way of life."
Samantha C.
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"This is honestly the best possible place for a professional who is looking for an environment that has so many positive aspects - professionalism, support, education, engagement with a local and national team, growth opportunities, benefits - just to name a few."
Catherine F.
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"I was looking for a company that supported career growth in the industry and a firend recommended Life Time. I'm excited to be here because of the amazing team of people I work with and the career opportunities I've had - first as a personal trainer and now as a Pilates instructor"
Stacy F.

​​​​​​​Lets Connect

Our team is eager to answer any questions and tell you more.

Andrew Renschen
Talent Acquisition Manager

Efonda Sproles
VP / Chief Scout