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Current General Manager and former Infantry Officer, U.S. Army
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Working at Life Time is like having a second family that shares your priorities. We encourage you to explore opportunities at our luxury athletic clubs across the nation or at our corporate headquarters in Minnesota. 

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 Transitioning military personnel and their spouses are a natural fit for Life Time because the skills
you need to succeed here are the ones you already have.
Brian L. A phone call ended up with meeting for coffee and ended up starting the chain of events that led me to Life Time. But right when I was to be hired, I got a phone call from my sergeant that I was shipping out to San Antonio for Basic Military Training.

When I informed Life Time of the news, not only were they undestanding, they held the position open for me until I returned.  Life Time has been by far the best company I've worked for in the fitness industry since then. I have no intention of looking back.
Cathe S. My husband has been active duty in the Air Force going on 13 years. During these years as an active duty family, I have faced many obstacles in building tenure with a company, growing my career and maintaining a healthy work-life balance... until I found Life Time.

I'm excited to say that as we embark on our 5th base to Colorado, I am able to not only continue my tenure with Life Time, but also continue my career growth. I have had the most amazing support from Life Time as a military spouse, which is something career spouses yearn for as we uproot our lives and our families every couple years to support the careers of our military members that are working towards a much greater good.

Thank you, Life Time, for being such a tremendous military supporter. I don't think I could ever fully express my thanks, but you've got my loyalty!
Ian R. I had heard Life Time was the place to be so I tried to get a foot in the door. I was given the chance to Engineer out of the South Austin Club September of 2018 and I have been enjoying a fast-paced, challenging career since.

Lifetime offered my family great opportunities as well as an easier integration into the community. My daughter and son come with my wife of eight years to the club most days to enjoy many activities. This gives me a great opportunity to get a quick family refresh throughout the day and share some laughs with the kids.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves while working with this company. I look forward to my time ahead with Life Time.
Madeline C. My husband, Pete, is an Officer in the Air Force and our first assignment brought us to Boston, Massachusetts. After driving everything we owned across the country from Utah, I started looking for a job. I didn't want to have to start over with a new company every 3-4 years, and happily learned that there was a Life Time opening in Burlington.

I jumped on the opportunity to join the team and work for a company that I knew had a presence in almost every state we could possibly move to. Being a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Metabolic Technician, CPR Instructor, and 60Day Challenge Series Lead has completely changed my life. I struggled so deeply with our move to Massachusetts, leaving friends and family behind in Utah, and I'm grateful to say that the team in Burlington has turned into family to me.
Cat C. I am an Air Force retiree. I served 20 years from 1984-2000. After entering the civilian workplace, it was clear to me that quite a few companies did not appreciate my military status. Most female veterans are reluctant to be recognized as veterans even though women have made tremendous strides within the ranks from commanding troops to entering fields typically closed to women. 

Life Time was more accepting of my military status. I would love to see more programs geared towards veterans within the Life Time community or efforts to reach out to connect with other veterans not familiar with Life Time in our area.  I believe Life Time is veteran-friendly and a fantastic place to work.
Terran P. I am currently an active drilling soldier and also full-time with the Minnesota Army National Guard. Working at Life Time as a Personal Trainer has overall been an awesome experience, from the people I work with to all the continuing education to help me be successful. 

Life Time has been very understanding and willing to work with me and be flexible even though my PT hours are only part-time. If a last- minute assignment comes up while I'm supposed to be at the club, they always work with me to make sure my clients, classes or shift is covered. 
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The Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program is a strategic partnership between the U.S. Army and a cross-section of corporations, companies and public sector agencies. The program provides America’s youth with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future. PaYS partners guarantee soldiers an interview and possible employment after their service in the Army.
RecruitMilitary connects employers with high-quality veteran talent. They are the nation's leading veteran hiring company with over 100 career fairs in 60+ markets each year. RecruitMilitary provides the spark that ignites organizations to excel, by helping them hire and retain America's best talent — it's veterans. 

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